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Arduinoboy Kit

Arduinoboy Kit


The Arduinoboy Kit contains all the necessary parts, programmed ATMEGA chip, hardware, and mounting materials to create your very own Arduinoboy.

You must possess an original Gameboy, a flash cartridge loaded with appropriate software (e.g. LSDJ, Nanoloop, mGB), a 9V power supply with positive center pin, and a device that either receives or sends MIDI information.

Please review the assembly instructions before purchasing. http://tiny.cc/89zcbx

Arduinoboy Google Code Page: tiny.cc/bkz4xw
GitHub Repository: http://tiny.cc/zyzcbx

Power Supply
You must use a power source that supplies anywhere from 5 to 15 volts and has a positive center pin. Please look for this symbol on the back of your intended power supply.

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